New Items

Timer Veritek VIPS 99

Approx Price: Rs 10,000 / Unit 

  • Consistent reliability with high accuracy
  • Low Cost
  • Time Delay User settable ( 4 Ranges)
  • LED Indication for Power & Relay status
  • ON Delay / Interval Modes of Operation
  • Compact Size
  • Accuracy ±5% of full Scale
  • Repeatability ±0.5%
  • Reset < 100ms on Interruption of Power
  • Output Contact 1 C/O Potential free Contact (NO, C & NC), 2 C/O on request
  • Contact Rating 5A/230V AC/28V DC
  • Auxiliary Supply 230V AC & 24V AC/DC 110V AC & 24V AC/DC
  • Supply Frequency 50/60 Hz
  • Operating Temperature -10°C to 55°C
  • Storage Temperature -20°C to 75°C
  • Humidity < 95% RH (non-condensing)


  • Automatic compensation for variations
  • Easy adjustment in desired automation
  • Reduction in inventory cost (up to 80%)
  • Easy switching reliability
  • High mechanical endurance of operation ensures trouble free operation


  • Saving power
  • Saving time
  • Uniformity/quality of product

Digital Altimeter

Approx Price: Rs 10,000 / Onwards 
  • Total Altitude Gain & Loss
  • Max./ Min. memory for Altimeter and Barometer Pressure
  • Barometer Pressure History & Graphical Display
  • Electronic barometer Weather Forecast ( Sunny, Slightly Cloudy, Cloudy, Small Rain, Large Rain)
  • USB Rechargeable Battery
  • Low battery indication
  • Compass
  • Standard Accessories : Handy Belt, Manual
  • Dimension : 177(H) x 98(W) x 39(D)mm

Acidity Testing Kit

Approx Price: Rs 10,000 / Onwards 

Model: AKT


The total acidity of the oil is expressed as neutralisation number which is defined as the number of miligrams of potassium hydroxide required to neutralise completely the acids present in one gram of oil. The acids produced by Oxidation of mineral oils are soluble in alcohol and if a fixed quantity of oil is mixed with a fixed quantity of alcohol in mixture may be acidic, neutral of alkaline depending upon the acid present. If a fixed quantity of universal indicator is added to this mixture the colour will indicate the PH from which the acidity may be calibrated


A. 1.1 ml portion of the insulating oil (approximately 1 gm) to be tested is accurately pipetted into a clean dry test tube. To this is added 1 ml of rectified spirit (ethyl alcohol) and the mixtures is gently shaken.
One ml of solution of 0.0085N sodium carbonate is then added. After shaking the test tube again five drops of universal indicator are added.
The resulting mixture develops a colour depending upon the PH value of the mixture.Oil having total acidity of 0 to 0.5 shall show transition colours from prussian blue to yellow.
Whereas those having an add number of 0.5 and above shall show a change from yellow to vermillion.
The chart supplied with the Kit gives the colours obtaind by using this test on oils having neutralisation (total acidity) from 0 to 1.0. 


The Kit consists of a box containing the following :

• Polythene bottles containing 100 ml each of ethyl alcohol and Sodium carbonate solution (Na2CO2)   of 0.0085N concentration

• An indicator bottle containing universal indicator

• Four clear glass test tubes

• Three graduated droppers, which serve as pipettes

• Colour chart calibrated with neutralisation number values, and

• Instructions Booklet


• The test tubes and pipette used for the test should be absolutely clean and dry

• Rectified spirit used shall be of good quality conforming to IS-323-1959 methylated spirit should not be used

• While testing the test tube should be gently shaken to mix the solution and not closed with thumb and vigorously agitated

• The same pipette can be used for a number of oils provided it is thoroughly rinsed the oil to be tested before pipetting it

Stop Watch Digital Racer

Approx Price: Rs 4,000 / Piece 


  • Handy & Robust.
  • Stopwatch:1/100 Sec.
  • Time Display: Hour,minute,seconds.
  • Calendar Display
  • Alarm Settings
  • Lap Go Function
  • Stop & Go Function
  • Neck Strap with Adjustable Length
  • Safe Box
  • Discount on Quantity/Bulk Orders

Altitude Meter

Approx Price: Rs 4,000 / Onwards 
LUTRON 3 in 1, Altitude meter, Barometer, Compass ALTITUDE METER Model : SP-82AC

  • 3 in 1, Precision Altitude meter Barometer Compass.
  • Build in precision baro sensor for the atomsphere value and altitude measurement.
  • Tiny bone shape with lightweight and small size case design are suitable for handling with one hand.
  • Wristlet design provides extra protection to the instrument especially for user one hand operation.
  • Built- in microprocessor circuit assures excellent performance and accuracy.
  • Concise and compact buttons arrangement, easy operation.
  • Memorize the maximum and minimum value with recall.
  • Hold function to freeze the current reading value.

  • Display 8 mm LCD display.
  • Measurement :
  • 1. Altitude
  • 2. Barometer
  • 3. Compass
  • Operating Humidity Max. 80% RH.
  • Operating Temperature 0 to 50° C (32 to 122° F).
  • Over Input Indication of "- - - - ".
  • Power Supply CR 2032 DC 3V battery.
  • Power Consumption Approx. DC 5 mA
  • Weight 160g ( battery included ).
  • Dimension HWD 120 x 45 x 20 mm (4.7 x 1.8 x 1.2 inch).
  • Standard Accessory Instruction Manual.

Transformer Winding Resistance Tester

Approx Price: Rs 10,000 / Onwards 
TRANSFORMER RESISTANCE TESTER (micro processor) series TRT 27

The advantages of TRT-27
  • Quick speed measurement of resistance
  • High precision of class 0.2, good repetitiveness
  • Digital display-of resistance and test current
  • Automatic discharge and discharge warning
  • True 4 terminal measurement No lead compensation required
  • Saves 255 test results
  • Optional: RS-232 interface
  • Built-in printer


Measure DC resistance of transformers windings etc.


· Constant current source· Saves 255 test results in memory· Built-in printer

Introduction: The UDEY 'TRT-27 is a high precision, new generation, light weight large output current and micro-processor controlled tester. This replaces old DC wheat stone bridge and double arm bridge for measurement of DC resistance. 'TRT-27' adopts new advanced test current power supply technology, four terminal measurement, digital display of resistance value and test current. 'TRT-27' is powered by 220V AC mains single phase supply. The measurements are accurate as the test current is highly stable. High automation is achieved with automatic discharge warning.

Principle: The constant current generated is fed to the resistance under test through the current terminalsand the voltage drop across the resistance under test is measured and displayed in ohms. A true four terminal measurement is used to eliminate the need for lead resistance compensation.

Description: UDEY 'TRT-27' is a new generation, digital resistance meter using 4 terminal measurement technique. Built in printer for printing results. The entire test is done quickly. 'TRT-27' generates constant current, powers up the test current, takes the readings, and displays the results on the LCD screen. The 'TRT-27' is encased in an aluminum alloy cabinet. 

Accessories bag:
Mains cord.
Flexible testing cable set with alligator clamps.

Primary Current Injectors

Approx Price: Rs 10,000 / Onwards 

  • All outputs continuously variable.
  • Built - in crystal time base multi range DIGITAL TIMER.
  • True RMS digital metering of outputs.
  • Compact rugged design - Fully tropicalised.Auto-switch off in all modes of operation.
  • All current outputs fully isolated and distortion free.
  • Suitable for testing thermal devices All controls and metering centralized.


Primary Injection Testing:

Almost all electricity supply protective equipment is fed from a current transformer on the supply cable or busbar. Primary current injection testing checks all the components of the protective system. A high test current, enough to cause the protection equipment to operate, is injected into the supply cable. Time takenfor the protection relay to operate is then measured.

Udey PCT is essential when commissioning new protection systems and after major repair and component replacement, since it tests the whole system.

Maintenance and routine testing of protective devices and systems by means of primary current injection,timing tests on protective relays- both magnetic and thermal types, current transformer ratio testing etc.


Udey PCT series comprises of two units: 1) a control unit and 2) a loading unit. Thus making the tester compact and portable. Four models are available with outputs from 250 A to 3000 A. The control unit offers a current output of 0-10 Volt at 50 Amp or 0-5 Volt at 100 Amp. Additionally, a separate voltage output of 0-250 V AC is available for testing voltage operated relays coils or checking the magnetization characteristics of current transformers.

Current and voltage outputs are varied from the output controller. The output current is supplied through wing nut bolts to the low inductance leadset (available optionally).The voltage output has a separate pair of terminals. Each set has a built-in multi range timer.

All current and voltage levels are displayed on digital LED meters. The elapsed time measured by the timer is also displayed on 4 digit LED display.

Circuit protection is by circuit breaker in input. Controlled switching ensures that, in the event of power failure or timer cut off operating, the output cannot be re-energized until the controls are reset, thereby offering protection to the equipment and the operator.

The mains supply for the tester is 240 volts, plus 10 % minus 6 %. For 110 volt input operation, an input adaptor can be supplied.The control unit houses all necessary controls and metering for the complete equipment. The output voltage and currents are indicated on digital panel instruments.

Automatic control has been provided such that the selected output can be switched off once the device under test has operated. The automatic control can be switched in and out of circuit for the selected output, this enables setting up tests to be performed.

The control unit is provided with a crystal time base timer for timing relays whose contacts are either normally open or normally closed.

The control unit and loading units are housed in robust cases complete with fold away lifting handles.


1. Operating Manual.
2. 2 meter long 3 core mains cable..
3. 2 meter long inter-connecting cable.


1. Low inductance lead set.
2. Precision grade (0.5%) Analogue meter with Current transformer.

Secondary Current Injector

Approx Price: Rs 10,000 / Onwards 

  • Test outputs available: 0 to100 amperes a.c., 0 to 240 volts a.c., 0 to 240 volts d.c.
  • Auxiliary output 0 to 120 volts a.c. for directional relays.
  • Panel with clear easy to follow legend.
  • Built in Timer system for testing IDMT relays or circuit breakers.
  • Overload protected against current and thermal overload.
  • Digital readouts of current, voltage and time.


Protective devices such as relays, overload coils and circuit breakers should be checked on installation and at regular intervals when in service. Routinecurrent injection tests will quickly detect faulty or incorrectly adjusted device. The 'UDEY SC-10' is suitable for all these applications including protective relays, including IDMT relays. Beside schecking the correct functioning of the protective device, it is usually necessary to measure the operating time. 'UDEY SC-10' has a built in timer to measure the operating time.


The 'UDEY SC-10' secondary current injector is a tester with rating of 100 Amp -1.8 kVA with built intimer. This will test instantaneous relays, IDMTrelays, directional relays, moulded circuit breakersand meters. Current or voltage at each of the four main sets of a.c. terminals is continuously variable.

The outputs are:
  • 0 to 100 A a.c. or 0 to 24 V a.c.
  • 0 to 30 A a.c. or 0 to 80 V a.c.
  • 0 to 10 A a.c. or 0 to 240 V a.c.

Output current flowing thru the common terminal is measured to a resolution of 10 mA. Also a variable output of 0 to 240 V d.c. and an independently controlled output of 0 to 120 V a.c. is available to allow testing of directional relays. Two digital displays are used. A 3½ digit display to show the output current or voltage (by means of meter range selector switch). The other is a four digit display to show readings of the timer. A 'SET/TEST' switch is provided so that the appropriate current can be setup before the test is actually carried out, and to avoid damage to relay coils by disconnecting the test current after the device has operated. The timer has custom operating modes: 'NO', 'NC','CUR' 'RUNBACK' and 'MANUAL'. These enable the function of a protective relay to be fully tested.Separate terminals are provided for connecting to the tripping contacts of the relay. The timer has 'RESET' pushbutton and two manual pushbuttons.


Thermomagnetic contact operates when main output control current exceeds 7.5A.Thermal cutout when loading current transformer temperature exceeds 80 deg. C

Relay Testing Kit

Approx Price: Rs 8,000 / Onwards 
Secondary Current Injectors(Relay Testing Kits)

General specifications:

  • Input : 240V ±10%, AC, 50/60Hz.
  • Digital Timer: 4 digit, solid state, time interval measuring system, 5 ranges from .0001 to 9999 seconds.
  • Accuracy:±0.5% 1 count.
  • Timer Control Circuits : Timer automatically starts when output is initiated and automatically stops when the device.under test operates.
  • Test Conditions : Normally open contacts (potential free) / Normally closed contacts (potential free).
  • Auto cut-off: Cuts off output on operation of device under test.
  • Duty cycle : 10 mins ON / 15 mins OFF.
  • Metering : Digital LED volt and amp meters. Accuracy: ± 1% ± 3 digits.
  • Operation : A SET/ TEST switch is provided so that the appropriate test current can be set up before the test is actually carried out, and to avoid damage to relay coils by disconnecting the test current after the relay has operated.
  • Construction : Sheet metal cabinet powder coated with cover and lifting handles.

3 core mains cord,
Test leads-2 metre long and operating manual.

Relay Testing Kit RTS-100
Output . . . . . Two independently adjustable outputs available simultaneously
AC Current . . 0 - 2.5V at 100A 0 - 5V at 50A 0 - 12V at 20A 0 - 25V at 10A 0 - 50V at 5A 0 - 250V at 1A
AC Voltage . . 0 - 250 V at 2A
Metering. . . . Digital Ammeter displays current output in 2-20-100A.Digital Voltmeter displays voltage outputup to 300V, 3 digit,12.5mm LED display
Accuracy . . . ± 1% ± 3 digits

Relay Testing Kit RTS-50
Output . . . . . Two independently adjustabl eoutputs available simultaneously
AC Current 0 - 50A at 20V AC 0 - 25A at 40V AC 0 - 5A at 150 V AC 0 - 1A at 250V AC
Each of these outputs has a separate terminal referred toone common terminal.
Voltage . . . . 0-220V, 1A, DC continuously adjustable, non-floating output0-250V, 1A, AC continuously adjustable, fully floating auxiliary output
Each of these outputs has a separate pair of terminals.
Metering . . . Current/Voltage: Digital 12.5mm LED meters
Current .. . . Displays output in Amperes 0-2-20-50A,
Accuracy ± 1% ± 5 digits
Voltage . . . . Separate meters for AC and DC outputs3-digit range, 300V

Secondary Current Injector SCT-100
Output . . . . . Two independently adjustable outputs available simultaneously
AC Current. . 0 - 7.5V at 100A 0 - 10V at 75A 0 - 15V at 50A 0 - 35V at 20A 0 - 75V at 10A 0 - 150 V at 5A
AC Voltage. . 0 - 250 V at 2A
Metering. . . . Digital Ammeter displays current output in 20-100A.Digital Voltmeter displays voltage output up to 300V, 3 digit,12.5mm LED display
Accuracy . . . ± 1% ± 3 digits

Secondary Current Injector SCT-MR
Output . . . . . Two independently adjustable outputs available simultaneously
AC Current . . . 100A at 0-5V AC 50A at 0-10V AC 25A at 0-20V AC 10A at 0-50V AC 2.5A at 0-75V AC 1A at 0-150V AC
Each of these outputs has a separate terminal referred to one common terminal.
Duty Cycle . . 15 min ON/15 min OFF
Voltage . . . . 0-230V, 1A, DC full wave unsmoothed0-230V, 1A, AC fully isolated
Each of these outputs has a separate pair of terminals.
Metering . . . Current/Voltage: Digital 12.5mm LED meters
Current . . . . Displays output in Amperes 0-2-20-100A,
Voltage. . . . . Separate meters for AC and DC outputs 300V.

Tan Delta Tester

Approx Price: Rs 10,000 / Onwards 
UDEY Automatic 12 kV Tan Delta Tester CDF 6000

Failure of high voltage power apparatus costs lost time, lost revenue, un expected maintenance and repair costs. These could have been minimized with a optimum test program.UDEY CDF-6000 provides the most accurate test results for power apparatus. CDF-6000 incorporates breakthrough technology and design that gives accurate and reliable results, again and again.

The advantages of CDF-6000:
  • Eliminates substation signal interference (F F T and digital filtering technology)
  • Gives its own clean (un-corrupt) test signal for the most reliable and repeatable results
  • Automated setup eliminates errors-Fully automatic typically 30 seconds
  • Prints results automatically on built-in printer
  • Performs excitation current tests on transformers

  • Maximum output of 12 kV/200 mA
  • RS 232 interface
  • Can re call stored 99 tests results.
  • Automatic calendar and time running.

Safety Features:
  • High Voltage protection
  • Input Voltage protection
  • Grounded protection
  • No voltage overshoot


The entire test is done automatically and quickly. Operator enters the test parameters and UDEY CDF-6000 takes over; powers up the voltage, balances the bridge, takes the readings, ramps down to zero and displays the results on the LCD screen. Prints results through its built-in printer.

A key feature of the CDF-6000 is its advanced interference suppression circuit based on the principle of line frequency modulation. The operator sets the CDF-6000 to take measurements at frequencies above and below the line frequency to cancel out the effects of interference caused by the high voltage lines. Accurate measurements are made in even in energized switch yards up to 765 kV.

Measuring Range:

Test capacitance range @ 50 Hz / 60Hz.
Internal power supply 200 mA max.3pF ~ 0.05μF @ 12kV60pF ~ 1μF @ 0.5kV
External power supply, 5A max.3pF ~1.25μF@12kV
Resolution: 0.001pF, 4 digits
Tan o range: ~100%, resolution .001%
Voltage: 0~12kV
Current: 10μA~5A
Also displays the phase angle, frequency, watts loss, insulation power factor or tan delta, resistance (in the case of resistive specimens), inductance and quality factor (in the case of inductive specimens).

  • Capacitance: 1% of reading 1pF
  • Tan : 1% of reading .00040
  • Voltage: 1% of reading.

Interfernce Supression:
Ratio of interference current to specimen current: 2:1
Line frequency modulation technique either by:
  • Fixed Frequency measurement:45,50,55,60,65Hz; user-selectable or
  • Dual frequency measurement with automatic averaging: 45/55Hz, 55/65Hz, 47.5/52.5Hz; user- selectable

Operator Safety And Protection
The CDF-6000 is equipped with self-diagnostic procedures,protection against short circuits, open and poor ground connection, input over-voltage and audible sound, flashing light indicators during test.

  • Operating temperature :0 to 600C
  • Storage temperature: -200C to 600C
  • Relative humidity: <90% non-condensing
Dimension: 460mm L x 350mm W x 340mm H

Weight: • Unit: 30 kg • Cable: 3.5 kg

Accessories Supplied:
  • 12 meters of HV cable with hook and clip
  • 2 sets of Cx and Cn cables with clips
  • Guard cable with clips
  • Grounding cable and power cord
  • Paper roll, fuses in a cable bag

Contact Resistance Tester

Approx Price: Rs 10,000 / Onwards 
MRL-series is a new, fully automatic microcontrolled tester that measures contact resistance Fully automatic
MRL-11 : 100A
MRL-22 : 200A

  • Micro-controller operated
  • Built-in printer
  • Store and recall 100 test results
  • RS-232 interface
  • Weight: 11 kg
  • Front panel with legend


Measuring the line loop contact resistance by bridges isnot the ideal method as the test current is only a few milli amperes.Thus the value is not the true value ofthe contact resistance. Model MRL is a direct reading tester, and uses a DC test current ,resulting in true value and accurate measurements. ‘MRL’testers adopts digital circuit technique and is used for measuring contact resistance of switch control equipments at test current of 100A/200A DC. The measurements are accurate as the test is highly stable.‘UDEY’ MRL-series is a new, fully automatic micro controlled tester that measures contact resistance at 100A/200A DC with built in printer.
MRL-series is micro controller operated user friendly, accurate,reliable, small, light weight and reliable tester. It incorporates a large LCD screen for display of menu and results. The results are printed on built-in printer after the test is over. It i n c o r p o r a t e s b r e a k t h r o u g h technology and design that gives accurate and reliable results, again and again. RS 232 link is also provided.

The advantages of MRL-series

  • Automatic measure of contact resistance in 3 seconds
  • True 4 terminal measurement: High accuracy. No lead compensation required
  • Test results saved automatically
  • Recall and print last 100 test results
  • Prints results on built-in printer


Current of 100A/200A DC is passed in the contact and voltage drop across the contacts is sensed, processed and the resistance is displayed on screen. MRL-series is micro controller operated user friendly, accurate, reliable, small, light weight and reliable tester. MRL series incorporates a large LCD Screen for display of menu and results. The results are printed on built-in printer. MRL-series incorporates breakthrough technology and design that gives accurate and reliable results, again and again. A true four terminal measurement is used to eliminate the need for lead resistance compensation.

  • Measure rotating machine contactresistance
  • Measure breaker elementresistance
  • Measure resistance of bus bar joints
  • Locate poor connections

  • Power supply:220V±10%, AC 50 Hz.(120V±10% against order)
  • Measuring range: 0to1999.9 μ
  • Resolution: 0.1 μ
  • Test current:100A DC (MRL-11)100-200A (MRL-22)
  • Measurement accuracy:0.5 class
  • Display: LCD
  • Memory:Stores 100 test results.
  • Printer:Built in printer.
  • Usage environment:<40º C.< 85% R.H.


  • Bag
  • Mains cord.
  • Flexible testing cable set withalligator clamps, 8 meter long.
  • Operating Manual.
  • Calibration certificate.

Dimensions: MRL-11:37(L)x26.5(W)x22.5(H) cm
Transport case 37(L) x 28(W) x 12.5(H) cm
Weight: MRL-11: 6 kg.
Accessories Bag: 5 kg.

Dimensions: MRL-22:37(L)x26.5(W)x22.5(H) cm
Transport case 37(L) x 28(W) x 12.5(H) cm
Weight: MRL-22: 7 kg.
Accessories Bag: 6 kg.

Transformer Turns Ratio Tester

Approx Price: Rs 10,000 / Onwards 

Ratio testers using manual ‘current measuring bridge' circuits are now out dated. 'UDEY'model TRM-11 is a new, fully automatic tester that measures transformation ratio of single phase and three phase transformers using modern electronic techniques. TRM-11 is micro controller operated user friendly, accurate, reliable, small, light weight and reliable tester. TRM-11 incorporates a large LCD screen for display of menu and results. The results can be stored & printed on built-in printer after the test is over. TRM-11 incorporates breakthrough technology and design that gives accurate and reliable results, again and again.


UDEY TRM-11 is a new generation, fully automatic, transformer turns ratio tester designed for measuring ratio, ratio error of single and three phase transformers. The entire test is done automatically and quickly. Operator enters the test parameters and TRM-11 takes over; powers up the voltage, balances the bridge, takes the readings, and displays the results on the LCD screen. Prints test results through its built-in printer. A key feature of the TRM-11 is automatic measure transformer connection group. LV and HV windings are automatically isolated once the measurement is over. True portability is achieved by the light weight (only 10 kg), single unit design housing the TRM-11. The TRM-11 is encased in an aluminum alloy cabinet.

Safety Features

  • Automatic cutoff after test
  • Saves 30 test results
  • Meets specs of IEC 60076
  • Fuse protection for line short circuit
  • Fuse and reset protection for reverse connection of HV and LV winding

The advantages of TRM-11
  • Fully Automatic; No Manual Balancing
  • Automatic measure transformer connection group
  • Test Single phase and three phase transformers
  • Automatic process transformation of group
  • Automatic calculation of ratio error
  • Isolates test voltage automatically after test
  • Recall and print last 30 test results
  • Print results on built-in printer

  • Display : LCD
  • Power supply : 220V±10%, AC 50 Hz.
  • Measurement ratio : 1:10000
  • Test Voltage : HV:190V AC. MAX.LV: 0.19 - 190V AC. MAX.
  • Accuracy : 0.2 class
  • Usage environment : < 40º C. < 85% R.H.
  • Accessories : Test leads 8 meters long
  • Dimensions : 40 x 30 x 20 cm (TRM 11)
  • Weight : 10 kg. (TRM 11)

Hipot Tester

Approx Price: Rs 10,000 / Onwards 

UDEY ‘HT-50-150’ AC High Voltage testers are the second generation range ofUDEY’ s famous ‘HP series’ of HV breakdown testers. The main difference is that the output is motorized, timer is added and are compact much lighter in size and weight.


‘HT-50-150’ uses oil insulated high voltage generating transformer, housed in asheet steel tank with rollers and lifting lugs.

  • Panel mounted controls and indicators with easy to read legend· 
  • Continuously variable motorized output control
  • kV mA meter· 
  • Selectable trip current· 
  • Timer of 1-3-5 minutes Safety 

Safety features:
  • Zero start interlock (User must always raise voltage from minimum. HV is switched on only when voltage control is brought to zero)· 
  • External interlock· 
  • Audio Visual alarms· 
  • Fast acting over load circuit breaker. MCB-magnetic overload protection


  • Voltage source : Copper double wound, oil insulated, high efficiency H.T.
  • Output control : Continuously variable by motorized control. Regulator is Air-cooled.
  • Rating : 5 minutes ON 15 minutes OFF / Continuous rating: 50%
  • Metering : Analog, 96 mm², linear scaled, kV Meter in the input Analog, 96 mm², linear double scaled. mA Meter in the output.Accuracy: ± 4% full scale deflection.
  • Protection : MCB, a fast acting D.C. relay isolates the H.T. at trip level.
  • Interlocking : Zero-start interlocking for H.V. output.
  • Timer : 1-3-5 minutes.
  • Auxiliaries : Mains switch, Push-buttons for ‘H.T.ON’, ‘H.T.OFF’,‘RESET’,’RAISE’ ‘LOWER’, contactor operated.
  • Indicators : ‘Mains’, ’HT OFF’, ‘HT ON’, ‘READY’, ‘Breakdown”.
  • Termination : H.T. End insulated and other end at earth potential.
  • Enclosures : The unit will be in two parts:
  1. Control Unit :Houses switches, MCB, lamps, variac etc in a sheet metal case with castors.
  2. H.T. Unit :Sheet steel tank with rollers and lifting lugs.

Accessories :

1. Mains wires 3 core, 3 meter long.
2. Inter connecting cable 5 meter long.
3. Instruction manual.

Whirling Phychrometer Hygrometer

Approx Price: Rs 15,000 / Onwards 

For more details please be free to mail us OR Refer our Attached Catalog

Wet Dry Thermometer Zeal

Approx Price: Rs 4,000 / Onwards 

Wet & Dry Bulb Hygrometer (Mason's Type)

Model : Zeal P2501


  • A selection of traditional Wet and dry bulb Mason’s hygrometers.
  • Comprising Moulded plastic wall mounted case- two thermometers mounted on a silk screened scale - plastic reservoir and cotton wicks.
  • Supplied with wet and dry bulb tables for determining humidity levels.
  • Temperature Range : -8°C to 50°C (20°F to 120°F)
  • Brand : Zeal, UK

For more details please be free to mail us OR Refer our Attached Catalog

Transistor Tester

Approx Price: Rs 4,000 / Onwards 

Transistor Tester TT-825


  • 3 1/2 Digits LCD display
  • 2000 counts
  • Data hold Function
  • Auto Range
  • Measuring forward voltage, reverse voltage, forward saturation voltage drop, amplication factor, reverse leakage current of various crystal diode, audios, silicon controlled rectifier (SCR), field effect transistor (FET).
  • Measuring rated working voltage of chyemical capactior, ethylene capacior, a capacitor, leaded multilayer ceramic capcitor, high voltage locker.
  • Measuring protection voltage of varsitor.
  • Measuring starting voltage of neon bulb, neon lamp.
  • Measuring constant voltage value of 78, 79 series three-pole circuit.

Standard Accessories:

  • Hard case (Meter Enclosed)
  • Test Leads
  • Manual

Dimension: 150(H) X 100(W) X 70(D)mm

For more details please be free to mail us OR Refer our Attached Catalog

Torque Meter

Approx Price: Rs 10,000 / Onwards 
TORQUE METER Model : TQ-8800


  • Professional torque meter with15 Kg-cm torque probe, full set.
  • 3 kind display unit : Kg-cm, Kg-cm, LB-inch and Newton-cm.
  • Peak value measurement.
  • Data hold.
  • Peak hold measurement 
  • High/Low resolution button.
  • Fast/Low sampling button.
  • Record Max. and Min. readings.
  • RS 232 computer interface.
  • Super large LCD display.
  • Microcomputer circuit.
  • Separate torque probe, easy operation.
  • Auto shut off saves battery life.
  • Built-in low battery indicator.
  • Heavy duty & compact housing case.
  • Supply with the hard carrying case. 

For more details please be free to mail us OR Refer our Attached Catalog

Search Light

Approx Price: Rs 4,000 / Onwards 
Portable Hand Held Search Light

SIDDHI Portable Hand Held Search Light is an advanced equipment for outdoor use during night patrol and surveillance.The Search Light uses advanced micro controller technology and engineering design for stable and reliable operation.

Features :

  • Micro controller based for precise and convenient control.
  • Tubular heavy duty construction, single piece moulded, impact proofand corrosion proof, water resistant.
  • High grade ABS / Glass filled nylon material.
  • High power Halogen lamp.
  • Long operating and viewing range.
  • Separate push to ON for easy operatibility
  • Digital FLASHER with multistep selection.
  • Digital DIMMER control using UP/DOWN selection.
  • One minute automatic shut off TIMER.
  • Intelligent battery status indicator showing OK (Green), Advanced LOW (Yellow) and LOW (Red).
  • Red LED for CHARGING indicator.
  • Easily replaceable lamp.
  • Elegant keypad with durable switches.
  • Operates on rechargeable battery.
  • One hour minimum operating duration on full charge and full brightness.
  • Inbuilt battery charger.

Technical Specifications :

• Operating Range : 1000 meters.
• Viewing Range : 500 meters.
• Lamp : High Power halogen (55W).
• Battery : 12V/7AH Sealed Maintenance free.
• Battery Charger : SMPS based 90-270V AC


• 4 kg (nominal)

Environmental Conditions 

• Operating temperature: -20 to 55 ºC 

Used in :
Police establishments, Industrial security, Public buildings, Security services, etc.

Currency Counter Km 9013

Approx Price: Rs 10,000 / Onwards 


  • Accurate Counting
  • Counterfeit detecting with UV (Ultraviolet), MG (Magnetic), IR (Infrared ) Detection Function.
  • Chained note Detection Function.
  • Size Detection / Sort Function.
  • With batch & addition function.
  • Half-note Detection
  • Auto and Manual Function.


  • Counting Speed : 800 ~ 1000pcs/min
  • Countable Note Size : 110 x 50-190 x 90mm
  • Display : 4 digits
  • Batch Display : 3 digits
  • Hopper & Stacker Capacity : 200pcs.
  • Power supply : AC 230, 50Hz; 120V, 60Hz
  • Power Consumption : 75W
  • Dimension : 330 x 260 x 215mm
  • Weight : 5.5kgs.

High Voltage Phasing Sticks

Approx Price: Rs 5,000 / Onwards 
This NEW “PC” range of High Voltge Multifunction Phasing Stick PC22K / PC33K / PC44Kare :all - in - one,a Phase Comparator with colour code scaleindication, a Voltage Detector with Neon Indication & a Scaledanalog Voltmeter. They are available in five models forapplications up to 44 kV systems(6.6kV,11kV, 22kV, 33kV & 44 kV ).These Dual Poles instruments incorporate modern, high qualityglass fibre front end,composite polyurethane main body moldingto give tough and very light weight construction and superiorSafety features. They have analogue Colour Coded Dual Scalesand Neon indication


? Dual Colour Code Scale (%,Vac). Neon indicator lit when >1200 Vac. Compare between Phases.? Measure and test Phase to Earth. ? High Quality Fibreglass wound Rod.
? Self powered operation -      No Battery.? DC version available . ? Measure Phase to Phase. ? High immunity to interference fields.? Suitable for indoor and outdoor use. ? Current is limited to ±1 mill - ampere. ? Voltage colour code - O-Y-G-B-R.? Light weight Robust & Compact. ? Designed to Exceed VDE 0681 part 5. ? Meets IEC 61481 : 2001? Carry Case included.

Operating Temperature  -25°C to 55°Operating Humidity  20 to 96%RH

Unit Industrial True Rms Digital Multimeters

Approx Price: Rs 5,000 / Onwards 
Industrial True RMS Digital Multimeters

- AC/DC Voltage
- Upto 60,000 Dispaly Count
- OLED Display
- AC/DC Current
- Bluetooth Interface
- Resistance
- Relative measurements
- V.F.C
- Capacitance
- Max/Min measurements
- Data Storage-9999
- Frequency
- Data Hold function
- AC+DC Measurement
- Temperature (ºC/ºF)
- Auto/Manual ranging
- Data Comparison
- Admittance
- Auto Power OFF
- Rechargeable Battery
- Duty cycle
- USB interface
- Mis
- Plug Alarm
- Continuity test
- Compliance with safety requirements ,
- Analog Bar Graph
- Diode test EN61010 CAT III 1000 V / CAT IV 600 V
- Date
-Time Function

Model UT171C

DC Voltage (V) 600mV/6V/60V/600V/1000V ±(0.025%???5)

AC Voltage (V) 600mV/6V/60V/600V/1000V ±(0.4%???40)

DC Current (A) 600uA/6000uA/60mA/600mA/6A/10A ±(0.15%???2)

AC Current (A) 600uA/6000uA/60mA/600mA/6A/10A ±(0.75%???5)

Resistance (Ω) 600Ω/6KΩ/60KΩ/600KΩ/6MΩ/60MΩ ±(0.05%???2)

Admittance (nS) 60nS ±(1.0%???10)

Capacitance(F) 6nF/60nF/600nF/6μF/60μF/600μF/6mF/60mF ±(2.5%+40)

Frequence (Hz) 10Hz~10MHz ±(0.01%+5)

Temperature (°C) .-40°C~1000°C ±(1.0%+30)

Temperature (°F) .-40 F~1832F ±(1.5???+50)

Power 7.4V 2000mAh Li-ion Battery
LCD Size 70.6mm x 35.3 mm
Product Color Red and Grey
Product Net Weight 384g
Product Size 206mm x 95mm x 55mm
Standard Accessories Batteries, Test lead, Point Contact Temperature Probe, USB Interface Cable, Power
Adaptor(For UT171B/C),PC Software CD
Standard Individual Packing Box, Carrying Bag, English Manual
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