Data Loggers

Data Loggers

Approx Price: Rs 3,800 / 1 PC 
Features :
  • Memory for 32,700 readings
  • LCD to show logging information easily
  • Free selectable measurement cycle from 1sec to 24hrs.
  • Battery life : more than 3 years (Under Ideal condition at 22oC)
  • Display all status for Alarm and Record through 2 LED’s.
  • Alarm display if user-defined max/min values are exceeded
  • Analysis software used to view graphically or Text mode
  • for logging data.
  • USB Computer Interface (Advanced Software Program for all windows)

  • Standard Accessory : Battery, Holding Case, Safety Lock
  • USB Cable with Software
  • Dimensions : 94 x 48 x 33mm

Technical Data


Basic Functions



Measuring Range





0~20% & 80~ 100%






20~40% & 60~80%














32,000 (16,000 each for temperature and Humidity

Measuring Rate

1 sec. to 24 hrs.

Analysis Software

Windows 98/2000/XP

Data Logger

The CURVE-X2 USB offers easy-to-use, high quality temperature datalogging for paint curing ovens. Measurements, analysis levels and report options are fully customizable to provide you with tailor-made information on the quality of your curing processes.

The Ideal Finish data analysis software allows you to analyze the logged data and create detailed reports. These advanced features, together with a wide range of display and printing options, make Curve-X2 USB the most flexible temperature datalogging solution available, ideally suited for both field use and laboratory conditions.

Unique Features:
  • Large illuminated display for easy menu-driven operation.
  • Menus in five languages: English, Spanish, German, French and Italian.
  • Start and stop logging at a pre-set time/date/temperature.
  • Programmable (via PC) for up to 15 paint-types, for accurate calculation of the Cure-index.
  • If a paint-type is not available in the library, it can be entered in the logger on site.
  • Variable measurement interval, date, time, C°/F° and language.
  • Displays the results of every stored batch, including Cure-index.
  • Standard AA-batteries guarantee 1200 hours of continuous operation.
  • Extended memory stores 10 batches of 25,000 measurements each.
Flexible Software
The Curve-X2 USB datalogger is supplied with Ideal Finish, the most advanced temperature monitoring software package available today. With two user levels Ideal Finish offers user-friendly report functions for standard production work as well as advanced calculations for in-depth analysis of the curing process and oven performance. Detailed graphic representations and customizable reports help you make the right decisions to optimize your production line.
  • Select your own language
  • Create and store oven-layout and oven settings
  • Create your own paint library, complete with cure specifications
  • Choose from more than 30 different calculations
  • Set your own parameters to create an “Ideal Cure Window”
  • Send your reports by e-mail with a single mouse-click
  • Insert a picture of your product and have your probe positon calculated automatically.
  • Complete with automatic position-lag compensation.
  • Create professional reports and documentation in your own style
Specifications standard box and heatsink :

Dimensions : height 140 mm, width 225 mm., Length 255 + 30 mm (handle)
Weight : 4200 gram
Heatsink : height 70 mm, width 140 mm Length 190 mm.
Weight : 1900 gram

Technical specifications Curve-X2 USB Datalogger
Size : 85 x 105 x 30 (50 with add-on) mm.
Weight : 285 Gram
Range : -50°C to + 1200°C / -58°F to + 2200°F
Accuracy : + 0.3°C/0.6°F
Resolution : 0.1°C/0.2°F
Interval : From 1 sec. to 1 hour
Memory :10 batches of 25000 readings each, or one large batch of 250.000 readings
Batteries : 3 pcs. 1.5V AA-type
Battery life : 1200 hours continuous use or 10.000 hours stand-by.

Data Logger Testo

Testo 176P1 pressure, temperature and humidity data logger
(1 internal, 2 probes & 4 external channels)

5-channel pressure, temperature and humidity data logger with internal sensor (absolute pressure) and external sensor connections (NTC/capacitive humidity sensor). Highly accurate and secure documentation of the ambient conditions e.g. in a laboratory. Internal absolute pressure sensor and connection possibilities for two external humidity probes.


SensorNTC/ capacitive humidity sensor/ absolute pressure sensor
Channels1 x internal, 2 probes, 4 external channels
Measurement units°C, °F, %rF, %RH, td, g/m3, hPa, mbar, in Hg, in H2O, psi
Measuring range-20 to 70 °C
-40 to 70 °Ctd
0 to 100 %RH / 600 mbar to 1100 mbar
Resolution0.1 °C, 0.1 %RH, 1 mbar
Accurarcy ±1 digit±0.2 °C (-20 to 70 °C)
±0.4 °C (remaining measuring range)
±3 mbar (0 to 50 °C)
Meas. cycle1 sec - 24 h
Memory [meas. val.]2, 000, 000 readings
Operating temp.-20 °C to 70 °C
Storage temp.-40 °C to 85 °C
Dimensions103 x 63 x 33 mm
Battery type1 x Lithium (TLH-5903)
Battery life (at 25 °C)8 years at 15 mins. meas. rate
Protection classIP 54
SoftwareComSoft Basic 5
ComSoft Professional 4
ComSoft CFR 21 Part 11


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